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Child-Friendly(ish) Office

While I realize that bringing a child with you isn't as relaxing as not bringing your child with you, maybe it makes it easier to fit in a half-hour session just to get rid of your back pain or make your neck turn more comfortably.

When my daughter was little, I stayed at home with her during the daytime and worked evenings and weekends.  When I needed a massage and couldn't find a sitter (or didn't want to pay for one), I took her with me to get massages.  At 2 1/2 to 4, I mostly took her to half-hour sessions. From 4 on, I could take her to hour-long sessions.

She was able to occupy herself (with minimal interruptions) with legos and crayons, and when she was older, a DVD player.

If you have the kind of child/children who is able and willing to occupy themselves, feel free to give it a try.  

What do I mean by -ish?

Do I have a breakable lamp? Sort of. It's metal and I've dropped it with impunity, but a determined child could manage it I'm sure.  Do I have plugs that a determined child could access (by unplugging other things)? yes. But if your child is happy to leave things be, that could work. Or you could bring child-proofing plug devices if your child will be okay in a darkish space (once the lamps are unplugged). 

My office has a private, attached waiting space that can be locked (with a deadbolt that makes noise if your child attempts to open it) to keep it secure from the outside hallway. Then I leave the door to the treatment room open, so that I can glance into the waiting space and check in.  And then a child could get my attention if they needed a bathroom escort.  The child can also look in and see the parent on the table anytime the child wants.  

If you allow screentime, some parents have discovered that the "bribe" of extra screentime during the massage works well.  Some of the kids look forward to coming just for that reason. 

Obviously, the temperament of your child/children will dictate whether this works or not.