Marta B. Magaw, Licensed Massage Therapist
Mt Lebo Pregnancy Massage
250 Mt. Lebanon Blvd., Ste. 418, Mt. Lebanon, PA 15234

​​For the most scheduling flexibility, call or text me for your appointment. If you prefer to use the online booking system, just be aware that it is optimized for 60-minute appointments.  You will have more 75-minute and 90-minute appointment options if you contact me directly.

High Risk

If your pregnancy is considered "high risk"  (for something other than "advanced maternal age"), we need to have a longer conversation to discuss why it has been labeled "high risk," so that we can:

  • decide if massage is appropriate and likely to be beneficial for you; and,
  • consult with your prenatal health care provider about appropriateness and modifications to make massage safe for you and your baby.

Normal Risk

If your pregnancy is progressing normally (in a way that you and your healthcare providers are happy with), scheduling a massage will be a simple matter or calling or texting me for an appointment and deciding how long of an appointment it should be. 

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